Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Bloggy Friend going to meet me either Monday for dinner or Tuesday morning for breakfast. I am so excited! My precious friend, Elizabeth, and I will finally meet face to face after a year of friendship. We initially met on Blogspot and keep in touch more on Facebook now. We have also spoken a couple times on the phone. She is going to St Louis to visit her beloved son on Monday and will be traveling I-70 East which just so happens runs paralell to my neighborhood only a mile away! I am so excited to finally meet E in person. I think it is cool that I have met so many wonderful people through the internet that I would have never known otherwise. Now if I can meet up with Allie and Lex too, I will be a happy camper. Any of you ever in Ohio traveling along I-70 or I-75, please let me know. I live five minutes away from both and would love to meet up.