Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lurkers Are Welcome Here!

There is a certain mystic about lurkers. I love lurkers. I am a lurker myself! My feed shows that I have had visitors from all over the world. I want you all to know I am so excited to "see" that you have visited. I love that you stop by to look at my blog, as a matter of fact, I hope you come back! I do have a favor to ask. Would you drop me a comment to let me know who you are and where you are from? Maybe how you found my blog. And do you have a blog for me to visit? I have met some of the nicest folks through blogging and am dying to meet you. If you choose not to drop me a line, that is okay too. Either way, I am glad you dropped by.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Half Full

As the snow melts, I think it is melting my blues as well. We are even going to have a heat wave this weekend, it is going to get up to 50 degrees! Woo hoo! Okay, so I am being a little bit of a smartalec, but the Southern girl in me still thinks 50 degrees is COLD! But I am really trying to keep a glass half full attitude. This has been a trying week so far but keeping a good attitude has really helped. My week started out a little crazy. I was running late and it is my week to drive in my carpool (trying to keep my carbon footprint to a minimum). As I was pulling out of the garage, I hit the remote as I was driving out. Eeck!I freaked out and hit it again and again and again. I got out of the garage without the door hitting my car. Only one problem. The door had stopped midway and would go back down. So I hit the remote control again, and again, and again! Finally I got it closed. Whew! Okay, I am really running late now, but having a good hair day (half full, remember?). Got my carpool buddy (who rocks, by the way)drove up to the gate on base, and I realize I left my work ID at home. I can get on base because I am a military dependent, so I dropped my friend off at her office and headed back home to get my ID while reminding myself that at least my hair looks good (half full, remember?). Got home and I even found my missing IPhone (which is like crack to me!). Oh, yes, I got my work ID too. Head back to work an hour late, but I got there with great looking hair (half full, remember?)Monday came to a smooth end. I did not loose my mind at work, my hair looked awesome, and my hubby had dinner on the table waiting for me when I got home. He even did the dishes! I got in bed early at 8:30 due to exhaustion and slept like a baby.

Tuesday starts off pretty good. Again, my hair is looking pretty good. That new flat iron I got is really straightening my naturally curly hair. I am loving it! I even hung my lanyard with my ID around my neck prior to leaving the house, so I got to work my normal five minutes late which in my mind is on time(half full, remember?)! Another crazy day at work, had an hour morning meeting, worked through lunch to make up for the lost hour the day before, so things are smooth! Then the phone rings. It is my son's school. The principal wants me to pick my son up. It is never good when you get that call. NEVER. Okay, so my glass is looking half empty. Wait! My glass is half full, it is my gas tank that is half empty. Whew! I thought I was losing my good attitude for a minute there. Sorry,I digressed. So I go to get "George Foreman" i.e. my son from school. Of course, I have to go to the principal's office. I have been in the principal's office more during my son's life than I ever did when I was in school. As a matter of fact, I never had to go when I was in school! Long story short, "George" did not start the fight. We have been friends with he boy and his family for years! Simple case of 14 year old boys playing around and laughing until someone gets mad then fists start flying. The other kid got 3 days off for starting it and George got 2 days off because he reacted badly. We had a family meeting, discussed how he could have handled it better. His grades are really great right now (half full, remember?). And the principal remarked several times that "George" is a nice kid, so contrary to the fact that he was in trouble, the principal thinks we are raising a good, nice kid. I will look that as half full any day! So I was gone from work an hour and a half, so now I am short an hour and a half this week. But my hair was really straight that day and that is a dream come true for an unruly curly haired girl! Half full, remember?

Today was fairly painless. Pretty much a normal day at work, which means things are crazy busy. Worst thing that happened is that I left my bottle of water at home. I was a bit annoyed at that but I got over it. Best thing about today is that I heard birds! That is a huge sign that Spring is around the corner! Half full baby!