Saturday, February 28, 2009

Help Me Celebrate my Birthday ~ Giveaway!

My birthday is March 9th and I cannot think of a better way to celebrate it than sharing gifts with my friends! I plan on having several giveaways during the month of March so stay tuned for chances on a couple other really cute things. Okay, here is the deal. For this giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment on THIS post. That is all you have to do. I will do the rest. For every person who posts a comment, you get one entry. If you comment twice, it means you love me but you still get only one entry. Deadline is March 9th. I will go by the date stamp on the comments and will draw the winner. So what is the prize you ask? A gorgeous glass blown pendant strung on suede lace. I will be making the necklace so you can have it whatever length you choose!

This pendant is one of many that I have purchased from a gentleman who lives in North Carolina and he makes these by hand. They are all gorgeous. You can see a list of his pendants for sale currently on Ebay. For some reason, my computer will not let me link via blogger so here is the address you can copy and paste into your browser: His pictures are far better than mine, so you will get a better feel of how beautiful the one I am giving away really is!

Please come back to vist my blog again. As said before, I will be giving more things out this month. The way I do the giveaway may or may not change. I will post the giveaway at random times, because as my followers know, I am a very random person!And it's my birthday! Woohoo! Love you all!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Breastfeeding While Driving Gets Woman a Ticket

I think I have heard about everything now. Gives a new meaning to drinking and driving! What a baffoon!!!!!!

Article below republished from the Dayton Daily News.

Breastfeeding while driving gets woman a ticket
Comment: What would you say to this mom? Would you have alerted authorities?
By Kelli Wynn

Staff Writer

Friday, February 27, 2009

KETTERING — A Harrison Twp. woman faces child endangering charges after police said she admitted to breastfeeding her child and talking on a cell phone while driving, according to Kettering Police Officer Michael Burke.

The incident happened about 7:45 a.m. Thursday, Feb., 26, near the intersection of Far Hills Avenue and Dorothy Lane, Burke said.

A male motorist called the police department's non-emergency number to report that he had seen the woman breastfeeding and talking on a cell phone while driving, Burke said. The man reported that he also witnessed the woman driving a Honda minivan into the parking lot of a local school and saw some children get out of the van. The man then got the van's license plate number and called police.

"I'm following right behind her right now on Far Hills Avenue," the caller said as he spoke to a Kettering dispatcher in a recording of his non-emergency call that was released by police on Friday, Feb. 27.

"I tried to say something to her. She literally has the little girl on the steering wheel and I said, 'I can't believe you have that kid in your lap and she said, 'You want to pop your titty out and breastfeed this kid?' That's what she said to me. I'm like, 'You can feed your kid when you stop.' It's like wet out here. It's full of traffic. It's ridiculous. She's got like three other kids in the car."

The police came to the area and tried to locate the van, but could not find it. So they used the license plate number to track down her contact information, Burke said.

When a police officer spoke to her, she admitted she breastfed her child and also told police that she does not deprive her child when the child is hungry, Burke said.

The officer took the information and presented it to the city prosecutor's office. That's when Genine Compton, 39, of Elm Grove in Harrison Twp., was charged with a first-degree misdemeanor of child endangering and minor misdemeanor for unlawfully restraining her child, which Burke believes was under 2.

When police were unsuccessful with serving Compton her ticket and a court summons at her home on Friday, Feb. 27, an officer went to the school where the witness saw her drop off the children on Thursday morning. The officer used the descriptions the witness gave to locate Compton at the school and serve the tickets and summons, Burke said. Compton was not arrested.

When asked why the tickets and summons couldn't be mailed, Burke said, "It's legal documents. We have to personally serve them to the defendant."

If convicted of the child endangering charge, Compton could face up to 180 days in jail and fined between $1,500 and $1,800, Burke said. If convicted of the unlawful restraint charge, Compton could be fined up to $150.

"Our issue is not the fact that this woman was breastfeeding in public," Burke said. He added that Compton would have been charged even if the child was just sitting on her lap. "Our issue is that she created the condition that placed her child's health and safety at risk."

Time to Go Home

What a weird, funky day! PMS, craziness at work,go to grab fast food for dinner and forgot wallet at home. Go back to grab fast food that has become not so fast. Roll up to order, doing pretty good until I say "large root beer with light lettuce." I have no clue where the lettuce came from. I was so stunned, I couldn't think of the word ice to correct myself. After what felt like a minute, I blurted out "I MEAN ICE!". I am home now and off the streets. It's safer this way........

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Color is Your Rainbow?

This is so cool! Only takes a minute to take. Hope you all do this because I want to see yours.

Your rainbow is shaded yellow.


What is says about you: You are a joyful person. You appreciate optimism. You're good at getting people to like you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardi Gras Defined

I am from Louisiana, so I thought I would share some interesting history about something that is often associated with my beloved home state.

I found this from

Mardi Gras History

Also known as "fat Tuesday," this pre-Lenten festival is celebrated in Roman Catholic countries and communities. In a strict sense, Mardi Gras, or Shrove Tuesday, is celebrated by the French as the last of the three days of Shrovetide and is a time of preparation immediately before Ash Wednesday and the start of the fast of Lent. Mardi Gras is thus the last opportunity for merrymaking and indulgence in food and drink. In practice, the festival is generally celebrated for one full week before Lent. Mardi Gras is marked by spectacular parades featuring floats, pageants, elaborate costumes, masked balls, and people dancing in the streets.

Mardi Gras originated as one of the series of carnival days held in all Roman Catholic countries between Twelfth Night, or Epiphany, and Ash Wednesday; these carnivals had their origin in pre-Christian spring fertility rites. The most famous modern Mardi Gras festivities are those held in New Orleans, La.; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Nice, France; and Cologne, Germany.

The first American Mardi Gras was celebrated near modern-day New Orleans on March 3, 1699. It wasn't until the mid-1800s did official parade organizations start to form with the Mystick Krewe of Comus in 1856 and the Krewe of Rex in 1872. The tradition is still carried on in New Orleans with many other krewes represented on floats in a myriad of parades. The official colors of Mardi Gras are purple, green and gold (representing justice, faith and power).

Mardi Gras celebrations can start as early as January 6, on the feast of Epiphany. The festivities end at midnight on Tuesday--the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Mardi Gras day falls on any Tuesday between February 3 and March 9. Like Ash Wednesday, the date Mardi Gras falls on depends on the date of Easter--always occurring 46 days before Easter.

Real Housewives of Orange County - Hate 'em or Love 'em?

I love, love, love all the Real Housewives series. I am obsessed! This year the Orange County girls have been a trip. I have been up and down with how I feel about them this whole season. Vicki and Tamra have been total biotchs this season. I am watching the Reunion show and these two are so self riteous it makes me want to throw my laptop at them through the television! I am still unsure of Lynn, the newest housewife, but I feel bad for her with how these crazy women are treating her. Vicki and Tamra have been horrible and act as if they are justified. I have always liked Jeana - she is the most down to earth normal one here. Gretchen is a really nice perosn, but I have always had a sneaky suspicion of how she really felt about Jeff. I am sure she loved him but I am not sure she loved him like a lover. It seems to me that she loved him like a father. But I could be wrong. I was googling the Housewives earlier and found the story below. All I got to say is "things that make you go hmmmmmm......"

A “Real Housewives Of Orange County” Arrest And Secret Hookup
Posted by: Annika Harris | Filed in: News & Culture
3:00PM, Tuesday February 24th 2009
Comments (1) E-Mail | Share: News
Even though cameras have stopped taping, the drama surrounding the people of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” continues.

Slade Smiley, who was shacked up with Jo De La Rosa on previous seasons of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and tried to help Jo find lasting love on “Date My Ex,” was arrested Friday for “civil contempt,” which usually means non-payment of court fees or child support. He may have been visiting Gretchen Rossi, who joined the cast of “Housewives” for season four, because Slade was picked up on the same block where Gretchen supposedly lives.

So basically, Slade didn’t really have full custody of his sons like he tried to pretend on the first season of “Housewives.” Neither of his sons, one of which is very ill with a brain tumor, lives with him. And it seems Slade, whose house was foreclosed last year, is too broke to pay his bills. He must have a few stacks of money stashed somewhere, though, because Gretchen doesn’t play for free. I think these two are hooking up because Slade thinks of himself as the Orange County player. Remember how he started dating Lauri right after he and Jo broke up, but then ditched Lauri when Jo showed interest again?

But there’s more to this story. Jay Photoglou, an ex-boyfriend of Gretchen’s, claims he was still dating the reality star while her fiance was dying. And he’s the reason Slade was eventually arrested. He wrote in the comments of a blog post that he tried to retrieve items he’d left at Gretchen’s house, but couldn’t initially gain access despite having police assistance. Jay wrote that he and the police heard Gretchen and Slade upstairs, but they wouldn’t come out and tried to pretend they weren’t in the home. While Jay was getting some of his things, he overheard the police say: “[Slade] has a suspended [license] and a fake tag on his unregistered car as well as a warrant for $10,000 out of LA county.”

Wow, either this Jay dude is trying to get his 15 minutes of fame or he really has it out for Gretchen and Slade. I just wish we got to see this side of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” instead of Vicki Gunvalson’s incessant screaming. [Jezebel]

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Talk to Me!

This ia really goofball experiment, which is very fitting for me since I am a goofball. I jones over other people's blogs and all the wonderful comments they generate. The most I have had is 13, which thrilled me to death! So please throw me a bone. Leave me a comment, about anything. Or drop a suggestion for a blog post. Or ask me a question. Or just say Hi! I want to top my 13 comments. Of course, I think a good suggestion would be for me to blog about something intereresting or funny and that would do the trick! LOL - but today, I got nothing!

Hope everyone had a super weekend!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The War Department

............this is my hubby's new nickname for me. I found this out when I checked out my Facebook account the other day and his post was "Waiting for the War Dept to get home from work." We are happily married because he is funny and I like funny! Some other Kevin-isms(that are decent enough to post..hah):

Hooves - this is what we now call our feet. It all started because one time he picked me up and said "Boy, you are getting heavy on the hoof." He did not mean it in a bad way. And if I wasn't laughing so hard, I would have been pissed and slapped him!

Knucka - another nickname I have had for years. It is short for knucklehead. No worries, I call him that too. People think we are weird, but it has worked for us for over 13 years. (or as he says LONG years!)

Medusa - another nickename. My hair is wild in the mornings. He says it looks like I have snakes coming out of my head.

Cupcake - another nickname. This one is so sweet it gave me a cavity!

Spousal frequency - Kevin is a full time Air Force Reservist and has to take annual hearing tests. He says he passed but failed the "spousal" frequency, so that is why he does not hear me a lot of times.

Spousal encouragement - he says he does not nag. He is just giving me spousal encouragement.

Paws - this is our hands. Not sure why he came up with this one other than the obvious. But he does call them that.

Cacti- plural for cactus when referring to my unshaven legs. Is this even a real word?

Firecracker hair - he actually stole this one from my mom. She asked me once if I combed my hair with a firecracker. He quickly latched on to this one!

Darth (as in Vader) - He says he sleeps with "Darth". I have to sleep with a C-Pap. Which is a breathing mask because I have sleep apnea.

There are others things, but they are a little racy. God, I love this man!

He says he was protecting our country when this was taken.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who Nose Why?

My regular followers know how random I can be but I saw something this morning in the bagel shop located at work, and it made me wonder. Have you ever noticed that a lot of people blow their nose, then opens the tissue and looks at it? Gross! I know. But it happens and in public. Especially with older men. Why? What are they expecting to see? The winning lottery ticket? A lucky charm? A lucky penny? I'm just saying.............

I will leave you with a funny saying I saw on a birthday card once. You can pick your nose. You can pick your friends. But you can't pick your friend's nose!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Honor of Oscar

In honor of the upcoming Academy Awards, here are a couple of snipets from my own acting career.

I was in a "movie production" of the Wizard of Haas, a going away production for LtCol Haas who retired from our office. I was the scarecrow. It was actually done in the format of E! True Hollywood Story. Complete with interviews and scenes from the "movie". I will try to post the "movie" one day. It is a riot.

We had made several productions for going away events in our office. They were so funny people started requesting for them to be made. I won an "Oscar" at the B-2 (yes, as in Stealth plane)Movie Awards for the role of Scarecrow. For real. Everyone who played roles in any production during that year was given a vote. I won for Best Supporting Actress. LOL!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Grinch Stole My Christmas Present

This morning my hubby got up and had an errand to run to a place he had not been before so he was going to use my Tom Tom that I got for Christmas. Only one problem. It is gone. Apparently when we got home from church he forgot to lock the doors, which is a rarity. Since there was no threat of snow he did not park in the garage either. We made a police report, not that it will help but if everyone reports thefts maybe the cops can figure it out. The only other thing we have noticed gone (so far) is my hubby's MP-3 player. I have been so depressed all day. Not because $200 of electronics stolen, it is because it was STOLEN! How dare some low life thief come into MY yard and help themselves to MY belongings. I feel so violated and disgusted. I have decided to fight back in my own way. It will not make any difference but I am calling them out. I have made a sign (picture to follow soon) and have it in my front yard. In a nutshell, it says Thief In Our Midst! And I have a short note addressed to the low life thief on it. At least the neighbors will know to be cautious and I hope the creep reads it himself.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Father's Advice

I am sure we all have certain things our Dad's taught us as children that we carry into our adulthood. You know, the kind of stuff that is wise and very helpful throughout life. My son was the recipient of such advise from his Dad this morning. I am sure you are on the edge of your seat waiting to hear this glorious revelation but let me give you the background information first. We went to the late service at church this morning because yours truly likes to sleep in and then poke around on weekend mornings. We sit upstairs in the balcony area that has tables and then seperate sections of chairs. I was a little extra slow this morning so we were not able to sit at a table, so we were in the chair section. Behind us was a couple and their two children. About midway through the service we heard a snore. You really had to be there because it was so darn funny. Wife quickly poked husband to wake him and we could hear the kids snickering (while we were trying to supress ours). In the car, we were talking about it and here is when my husband gave his fatherly (no pun intended) advice. Son was saying that one day at school he was done early in class and had fallen asleep. Hubby tells hin "Son, if you are ever caught sleeping, when you are awakend say 'Amen!'. Gets you out of trouble each time. You will never get in trouble for praying." Oh my. I am not sure what God thinks about this advice! LOL!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hey hey - I'm Doris Day!

My wonderful bloggy sista, Alexis, has this posted on her blog and I decided to do it myself. It is only a two question quiz and seems pretty accurate if you ask me! I am a Doris Day. Lex is a Marilyn Monroe. Yea, I am jealous but Doris wasn’t a bad gal ;-)

You are a Doris -- "I must help others."

Dorises are warm, concerned, nurturing, and sensitive to other people's needs.

How to Get Along with Me
• * Tell me that you appreciate me. Be specific.
• * Share fun times with me.
• * Take an interest in my problems, though I will probably try to focus on yours.
• * Let me know that I am important and special to you.
• * Be gentle if you decide to criticize me.

In Intimate Relationships
• * Reassure me that I am interesting to you.
• * Reassure me often that you love me.
• * Tell me I'm attractive and that you're glad to be seen with me.

What I Like About Being a Doris
• * being able to relate easily to people and to make friends
• * knowing what people need and being able to make their lives better
• * being generous, caring, and warm
• * being sensitive to and perceptive about others' feelings
• * being enthusiastic and fun-loving, and having a good sense of humor

What's Hard About Being a Doris
• * not being able to say no
• * having low self-esteem
• * feeling drained from overdoing for others
• * not doing things I really like to do for myself for fear of being selfish
• * criticizing myself for not feeling as loving as I think I should
• * being upset that others don't tune in to me as much as I tume in to them
• * working so hard to be tactful and considerate that I suppress my real feelings

Dorises as Children Often
• * are very sensitive to disapproval and criticism
• * try hard to please their parents by being helpful and understanding
• * are outwardly compliant
• * are popular or try to be popular with other children
• * act coy, precocious, or dramatic in order to get attention
• * are clowns and jokers (the more extroverted Dorises), or quiet and shy (the more introverted Dorises)

Dorises as Parents
• * are good listeners, love their children unconditionally, and are warm and encouraging (or suffer guilt if they aren't)
• * are often playful with their children
• * wonder: "Am I doing it right?" "Am I giving enough?" "Have I caused irreparable damage?"
• * can become fiercely protective

Here is the address to the quiz:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You Talkin' About Me?

Here is a guest blog post for today...kinda. I sent an email out to friends to ask them to HONESTLY describe me - the good, the bad, and the ugly. A true friend will tell you all that and then some. This is the response I got from my dear friend, Loree.

Wow!!!!...I'm in...since you asked.

You are definitely a person I would consider to be "what you see is what you get". I believe most of us have moments/times where we keep our true selves/opinions/comments in check. You, my friend, are YOU very much of the time. You are genuine, funny, comical, loving, kind, "out there", "life of the party", sensitive, passionate, freaky, fun, emotional, you always want to do the right thing, colorful, entertaining, predictable to be unpredictable (we know that we can count on Debra to say something or wear something or do something that is anyone's guess). You are a one act show that starts without introduction. You are a friend!

How's that.

Luv u


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Give Me a Break! Seriously?

I am sure everyone has heard about the mom who recently gave birth to 8 babies. If you haven't, you must live beneath a rock. While giving birth is probably the most joyous things on earth, you have to wonder about this mother. Sorry if I offend anyone, but this is my site and I have a right to vent. So no hate mail please. ;-) First of all, this is a single mom. Don't get me wrong, I admire single moms. However, most single moms are not not doing it alone by choice just circumstance. This woman is unemployed, has 6 children already, living with her parents, and was artificially inseminated! Seriously. I saw a snippet of her mother's interview. Grandma is upset with her and exhausted from helping her raise her 6 other grandchildren. Here is what I wonder. Who paid for this procedure? The woman is on government assistance, lives with her parents, has no job, and "supporting" 6 kids already? This is simply amazing - and I don't mean in a good way. There are so many couples who would give their right arm to have one baby! I just don't get this! I feel so bad for the precious, innocent babies. Every baby deserves better than this.

Monday, February 9, 2009

For My Girls!

Inside every older person is a younger person -- wondering what the hell happened.
- Cora Harvey Armstrong-

Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out. But I can usually shut her up with cookies.

The hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy.
-Helen Hayes (at 73)-

I refuse to think of them as chin hairs. I think of them as stray eyebrows.
- Janette Barber-

My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first one being -- hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.
- Erma Bombeck -

Old age ain't no place for sissies ..
-Bette Davis-

Thirty-five is when you finally get your head together and your body starts falling apart.
- Caryn Leschen -

If you can't be a good example -- then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.

I'm not going to vacuum 'til Sears makes one you can ride on.
- Roseanne Barr-

Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.
- Maryon Pearson-

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.
-Eleanor Roosevelt-

When life hands you lemons, ask for tequila and salt and call me over.

Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don't matter
and those who matter don't mind.
- Dr. Seuss

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Who Are You?

You may not have noticed, but I have a cool widget on my site that shows locations of folks who have visited my blog. I love it! I have had folks from all over the US and other parts of the world. I want all of you to know that I so appreciate you visiting! You will never know how it thrills me to see you have been here. Please drop me a note to let you know you have been by. I would love to visit your sites as well. In return, I will try to keep the posts interesting. Unfortunately, lately I seem to be suffering from Blogger's Block. I am working on that! Please know that you are most appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

One Word

Type only one word answers!

It's harder than you think!! Where is .......

your cell phone?......purse
Your hair ........wild
Your father? .......character
Your mother?.......sweet
Your favorite thing? ...........books
Your dream last night?......forgotten
Your favorite drink? ...........tea
Your dream/goal? ........peace
The room you are in?
Your fear? ........death
Where do you want to be in 6 years?......happy
Muffins? ...........yes
One of your wish list items?
Where you grew up? ...........Louisiana
The last thing you did? .......taxes
What are you wearing?.......corderoys
Your TV?.............on
Your pets? .........spoiled
Your computer? ......laptop
Your life? ........happy
Your mood? .........excited
Missing someone?
Your car? .....Saturn
Favorite store?......Hobby Lobby
Your summer?
Your favorite color?
When is the last time you laughed?
Last time you cried? .......December

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Thoughts ~ Author Unknown (to me)

1. Ever wonder about those people who spend $2.00 apiece on those little
bottles of Evian water?
Try spelling Evian backwards: NAIVE
2. Isn't making a smoking section in a restaurant like making a peeing
section in a swimming pool? (My sentiments exactly!)
3. OK.... so if the Jacksonville Jaguars are known as the 'Jags' and
the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are known as the 'Bucs,' what does that make
the Tennessee Titans?
4. If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea...does that mean that one
enjoys it?
5. There are three religious truths:
a. Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah.
b. Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the
Christian faith.
c. Baptists do not recognize each other in the liquor store or
6. If people from Poland are called Poles, why aren't people from
Holland called Holes?
7. If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled?
*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*
8. Why do croutons come in airtight packages? Aren't they just stale
bread to begin with?
9 Why is a person who plays the piano called a pianist but a person who
drives a race car is not called a racist?
* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
10. Why isn't the number 11 pronounced onety one?
11. If lawyers are disbarred and clergymen defrocked, doesn't it
follow that electricians can be delighted, musicians denoted, cowboys
deranged, models deposed, tree surgeons debarked, and dry cleaners
*~*~*~*~*~*! ~*~*~*~*
12. If Fed Ex and UPS were to merge, would they call it Fed UP?
13. Do Lipton Tea employees take coffee breaks?
14. What hair color do they put on the driver's licenses of bald men?
15. I was thinking about how people seem to read the Bible a whole lot
more as they get older; then it dawned on me ... they're cramming for
their final exam.
16. I thought about how mothers feed their babies with tiny little
spoons and forks, so I wondered what do Chinese mothers use?
17. Why do they put pictures of criminals up in the Post Office?
What are we supposed to do, write to them?
Why don't they just put their pictures on the postage stamps so the
mailmen can look for them while they deliver the mail?
18. If it's true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are
the others here for?
19. You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive.
21. Ever wonder what the speed of lightning would be if it didn't
22. If a cow laughed, would she spew milk out of her nose?
23. Whatever happened to Preparations A through G?
24. At income tax time, did you ever notice: When you put the two words
'The' and 'IRS' together it spells... 'THEIRS'?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Super Bowl!

Wow! My Steelers did it! They won their 6th Super Bowl, which is an NFL record. They actually broke their old record of 5 Super Bowl wins! Hats off to the Cardinals. They brought it in the 4th quarter and almost won it for themselves. This was one of the most exciting games ever. I had the pleasure of watching the game with 10 dear friends and family. Highlights and some not so highlights of the night:

1. All but 3 folks were decked out in black and gold.

2. Massive amounts of food!

3. Voting for the MVP via the internet until it crashed after the game winning touchdown!

4. Santonio Holmes, former Ohio State Buchkeyes football player, won the MVP award!

5. Ben Rothlesberger, an Ohio University graduate, was the quarterback who connected with Santonio for the game winning touchdown.

6. The record breaking interception that was returned for 100 yards for a touchdown by James Harrison. Unbelievable!

7. Bad officiating, although the refs seemed to have no favorites,as they had some really bad calls on both the teams.

8. Our friend Lou, who was texting us, wrong dialed a number and just so happen to text strangers who also had a friend named Lou. That was funny and weird. What are the chances? Of course, Lou was joking and asked if we were drunk and naked yet.

9. Not sure if this is a highlight or low-light, but I drank water instead of beer!

10. When the Cardinals pulled ahead with a little more than 2 minutes left, I thought I was going to puke.

11. My boy, Troy Palamlou, seemed off. He was his normal "human missled" self, but he was not making the tackles like he normally does. He had a lot of misses. (Still love him!)

12. The commentators really got on our nerves! Madden just never shuts his pie hole!

13. During the last(game wining) drive of the game by the Steelers, I was LITERALLY sweating bullets! It is a "feature" of being perimenopausal. Extreme moods produce hot flashes like you wouldn't believe.

14. Of course, the last highlight is they won!

Kudos to both teams for such a wonderful, hard fought game!