Sunday, June 28, 2009

Still Recovering

I am on my tenth day post surgery and the bruising is long gone. I went to the doctor this past Thursday and even he remarked at the lack of bruising I had. I was supposed to take the stitches out but only took the knots off. He said he wanted to keep them in to support the incisions and that they would disolve and/or come out on their own. I guess they are doing something because I feel like there is something in my eyes all the time. I am sure it is my imagination, but I think there are stitches floating around in there. LOL. My eyes are still swollen and tearing up. This is part of the healing process and normal. I think since the brusing went so well, I expected the rest to follow just as quick but that is not the case. I do not go back to the doctor until the first week in August. He says it will take six weeks for me to totally recover. My right eye is more swollen then the left so I kinda look like Popeye with one eye smaller than the other. My hubby told me last night to relax and let my body heal itself. Wow, sometimes he says things that actually make a lot of sense! Being the freak that I am, I am already worried that my eyes are not going to be symmetrical. Hopefully it is just the swelling. If not, I will have to go under the knife again. Not that it has not been a good experience but it is just not what I want to do again. Been there, done that, got the tshirt type of thing. I am holding off posting any more pictures until I am fully healed and then I want to have the big reveal. God please give me patience, but hurry! The story of my life! Stay tuned..............

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 6

Another day and less bruising. I had several people do double takes today because they thought I was having bad allergies. LOL! The lower lid beneath the stitching, is swollen and making my vision blurry and my eyes tired. Other than that, all is well. The incision is not very tender any more which is really good. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 5

Thank you girls for all your kind comments and following along with my progress! It means so much to me, you will never know how appreciative I am. The bruising is starting to fade already. As you can see, the eyes are less and less swollen each day. Sending many hugs and kisses your way!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

4th Day

Each day the swelling is getting better. today the yellow coloring came in. It is really interesting watching the healing process. Still no pain. My eyes are itchy where the stitiches are and my eyes are getting dry, but no complaints here. I am so thankful I was able to have this done!

Friday, June 19, 2009

2nd Day Post Surgery

Thanks for the sweet comments girls! As you can see today, I am REALLY swollen. I am blindly typing, so if there are no typos in here, it is a miracle! I have to tell you, there is no pain! It is amazing. Yesterday when the numbing wore off, I had what felt like a bad sinus headache behind my eyes. Took over the counter migraine medicine and within an hour the pain was gone. I am a little uncomfortable because of the selling, but it is not bad at all. I can't wait to heal enough to tell you the rest of this adventure. My doctor is awesome. He took some professional pictures and is going to email them to me to post on my blog as well. He was very intrigued with the fact that I am blogging about this. More tomorrow!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Surgery Day!

Hello to all my sweet wonderful friends! I did have my surgery today and will tell you more in debth about it afer the swelling goes down and I can see. Right now, I am really struggling. Here are some pics from today.The two on top aare before pictures.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Brown Eyed Girl is Getting Tweaked

I just found out today that my insurance has approved surgery on my eyelids. With age, the skin of my upper eyelid has stretched and become redundant. Also the fat seems to have herniated forwared which has created (in my case LOTS of) puffiness. This has caused me to look older and tired all the time. I have had this for awhile and have really become depressed about it. Not any more! I am doing something about it. I am going to have surgery to remove the excess skin and fat. The name for this procedure is called a blepharoplasty. I found some before and after pictures on a patient whose eyelids look a lot like mine so you can get an idea of what to expect. I am having this done on June 18th and I plan to take a before picture and then follow up with daily progress pictures so that you can follow my journey. I am so excited about this and cannot wait to share this with you all. Below are before and after pictures of someone whose eyelids looked a lot like mine before she had hers done. Just want to give you and idea of what to expect.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How Your Undies Track The Recession

I lifted this from Article by Michael Brush.

To help predict a recovery, economists such as Alan Greenspan look to men's underwear sales. Here's what those and other unusual economic indicators say about the road ahead.

By Michael Brush
MSN Money

Guys, if you want to know where the economy is headed next, look in your underwear drawer.

If you're like most men, you've got more than a few skivvies in, well, less than perfect condition.

If you're put off buying replacements -- and your significant other hasn't done it for you -- then guess what? The recession probably ain't over yet.

In fact, right now men's underwear sales suggest that things have bottomed but not started to recover.

Sure, this sounds trivial. But no less an economist than former Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan is a fan of men's underwear sales as an important economic indicator.

It's one of several unusual indicators economists turn to in hard times. We went looking through them in a quest for the much-discussed "green shoots" of an imminent recovery.

Underneath the underwear indicator
Greenspan reasons that because hardly anyone actually sees a guy's undies, they're the first thing men stop buying when the economy tightens. (He told this to National Public Radio's Robert Krulwich years ago.)

By extension, pent-up demand means underwear sales should be among the early risers when growth returns and consumers feel confident enough to shrug off "frugal fatigue," says Marshal Cohen, the chief industry analyst with NPD Group, which tracks consumer behavior.

After a 12-month, 12% decline through the end of January, men's underpants sales leveled off during February and March, according to NPD. That suggests the economic was stabilizing, Cohen says.