Sunday, December 28, 2008

My other love

Yes, I am in love with another boy and my hubby knows it. Now that I have your attention, let me introduce you to Brutus, my 8 year old yellow labrador retriever. He weighs in at 141 pounds and does not realize he is not a lap dog. He will sit and look at me for hours. In his eyes I am the most beaufiful woman ever. Who am I to argue? I am an avid book reader and just finished reading Marley and Me. Also saw the movie on Friday. My son said he stepped in a puddle (made by me) after the movie. I thought I fared well considering I usually cry until I can't breath anymore and then I am sniffing and spewing snot everywhere. You moms with young kids know what I am talking about. At 44 years of age, I have yet to outgrow these crying jags! LOL! Thank you, estrogen!!! Lets just say God was in good humor when he made me. I digress, back to Marley and Me. What a great book and movie! I highly recommend the book and the movie with the condition that you have tissue available. The movie had my husband and 13 year old (going on 30) "leaking" as well. John Grogan aka Marley's Dad has written one of the most beautiful memoirs I have ever read. I truly believe one of the greatest gifts God has bestowed upon us is dogs. The love these pets give you is unconditional. They are always excited to see you know matter how you look or how long you have been gone. Brutus and I have a very special relationship. My husband can be gone for two weeks and Brutus is excited when he gets home. I can be gone for 20 minutes and Brutus is having a nervous breakdown and goes totally bonkers before I even get in the house. Can't beat that with a stick!


Alexis said...

Oh girl I was a waterwork show before kids, I don't think I'll ever grow out of it. It's the human caring side of me that I really don't want to give up. You should see me on Sundays watching Extreme Homemake over. Oh geez watch out, I want even get started with a radio station that grants Christmas wishes that make me lose it while I'm driving.

Brutus looks lovely and hey a dog can tell the beauty!

Alexis said...

Tell your hubby that I love his optimism about Spring is coming. I'll try to think of that instead of those nasty words that keep coming into my head ... LOL

Alexis said...

Not Nosey at all! It's a cool site where moms and other bloggers get together. You go on each day leave a comment and try to comment on the person who commented (roll called) before you. A way to meet new people and get more friends to follow ;).

Check it out, plus they have giveaways which are very nice too! Free stuff, my favorite word!

Alexis said...

13 years old! Wow so there is hope I'll make it that long ... LOL. Cole use to be more cuddley until our exchange student (10) came and now he's acting all macho boy and didn't need loves from mom. Well that is until it's late at night and he tries to crawl into my bed and whispers I Love You. Don't be fooled it just because I have cable in my room and he knows I'm a sucker for him and will put cartoons on :).