Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Super Bowl!

Wow! My Steelers did it! They won their 6th Super Bowl, which is an NFL record. They actually broke their old record of 5 Super Bowl wins! Hats off to the Cardinals. They brought it in the 4th quarter and almost won it for themselves. This was one of the most exciting games ever. I had the pleasure of watching the game with 10 dear friends and family. Highlights and some not so highlights of the night:

1. All but 3 folks were decked out in black and gold.

2. Massive amounts of food!

3. Voting for the MVP via the internet until it crashed after the game winning touchdown!

4. Santonio Holmes, former Ohio State Buchkeyes football player, won the MVP award!

5. Ben Rothlesberger, an Ohio University graduate, was the quarterback who connected with Santonio for the game winning touchdown.

6. The record breaking interception that was returned for 100 yards for a touchdown by James Harrison. Unbelievable!

7. Bad officiating, although the refs seemed to have no favorites,as they had some really bad calls on both the teams.

8. Our friend Lou, who was texting us, wrong dialed a number and just so happen to text strangers who also had a friend named Lou. That was funny and weird. What are the chances? Of course, Lou was joking and asked if we were drunk and naked yet.

9. Not sure if this is a highlight or low-light, but I drank water instead of beer!

10. When the Cardinals pulled ahead with a little more than 2 minutes left, I thought I was going to puke.

11. My boy, Troy Palamlou, seemed off. He was his normal "human missled" self, but he was not making the tackles like he normally does. He had a lot of misses. (Still love him!)

12. The commentators really got on our nerves! Madden just never shuts his pie hole!

13. During the last(game wining) drive of the game by the Steelers, I was LITERALLY sweating bullets! It is a "feature" of being perimenopausal. Extreme moods produce hot flashes like you wouldn't believe.

14. Of course, the last highlight is they won!

Kudos to both teams for such a wonderful, hard fought game!

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