Saturday, February 21, 2009

The War Department

............this is my hubby's new nickname for me. I found this out when I checked out my Facebook account the other day and his post was "Waiting for the War Dept to get home from work." We are happily married because he is funny and I like funny! Some other Kevin-isms(that are decent enough to post..hah):

Hooves - this is what we now call our feet. It all started because one time he picked me up and said "Boy, you are getting heavy on the hoof." He did not mean it in a bad way. And if I wasn't laughing so hard, I would have been pissed and slapped him!

Knucka - another nickname I have had for years. It is short for knucklehead. No worries, I call him that too. People think we are weird, but it has worked for us for over 13 years. (or as he says LONG years!)

Medusa - another nickename. My hair is wild in the mornings. He says it looks like I have snakes coming out of my head.

Cupcake - another nickname. This one is so sweet it gave me a cavity!

Spousal frequency - Kevin is a full time Air Force Reservist and has to take annual hearing tests. He says he passed but failed the "spousal" frequency, so that is why he does not hear me a lot of times.

Spousal encouragement - he says he does not nag. He is just giving me spousal encouragement.

Paws - this is our hands. Not sure why he came up with this one other than the obvious. But he does call them that.

Cacti- plural for cactus when referring to my unshaven legs. Is this even a real word?

Firecracker hair - he actually stole this one from my mom. She asked me once if I combed my hair with a firecracker. He quickly latched on to this one!

Darth (as in Vader) - He says he sleeps with "Darth". I have to sleep with a C-Pap. Which is a breathing mask because I have sleep apnea.

There are others things, but they are a little racy. God, I love this man!

He says he was protecting our country when this was taken.


Captain Dumbass said...

Spousal frequency? So it's an actual condition with a name. That's great. I'll have to tell my wife it's not just me.

Chef E said...

Here is one of mine he used to use in the beginning anyway...succulent pumpkin woman, because I own so many clothes in that color, he had never seen so many variances on orange socks either, and I am of course succulent, lol...there is another one but it is a bit racy too!

Chef E said...

Oh, I forgot to say that I love this, cute and a good conversation starter :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

You know girls we love racy! LOL

You crack me up and now I must add your hubby to the list and I so think him and Rick would be fast friends! Rick would have been right next to him with a huge smile and then come home with a grin saying what???

I told the girls at the callcenter they should be lucky not to see me this morning because I looked like I had a brillo pad coming out of my head ... ha-ha.

Can we get anymore twins???

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Sounds like a great guy. I think MHS suffers from spousal frequency too.

Misadventurous Mommy said...

Mine is not even a spouse yet (maybe never at the rate he's going) and I know he already so fails the spousal frequency part of his hearing tests.

Mine always just calls me babe...all the time, for everything...never Allison or anything else...always babe and it drives me nuts! I always just call him Jamie (I refuse to use an endearing term because he's such an ass sometimes).