Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I was sent this on FaceBook and thought I would share here. There were rules also sent with this, but I deleted them. All my bloggy buddies already share your lives so no need to include the disclaimer for you to tag so many folks and so on and so forth. I am snowed in from work today. Ugh! Hope you all are doing okay. A couple of the things below I may have already posted before. I apologize for any duplication.

1. I love reality shows.

2. I like to have control of the remote control!

3. I procrastinate a lot! I am deterimined to change that about myself but keep putting it off to another day!

4. I ride a motorcycle.

5. I was in the Air Force Reserves for 12 years. Went to basic training when I was 28.

6. I am really a shy person, which no one ever believes!

7. I have been married to my second husband for almost 13 years.

8. After being divorced from 1st husband for 20 years, I still hate to admit that I have been divorced once. Only because I felt like such a failure when it happened.

9. Forgiveness is a powerful, wonderful thing espeicially for both the forgiver!

10. I adopted my two older children, Kristopher and Crystal when I was only 20 and they were 3 and 2 years old. They were 1st hubby's biological kids.

11. My youngest son, Cordell, is technically my step-son, but he is my son! No difference.

12. Needless to say, I have never been pregnant. Never tried since I got my kiddos a different way.

13. Cannot stand to be asked "don't you want to have your 'own' kids?" My kids are not fake, they are mine.

14. I am a Gigi to two wonderful grandsons, Hayden and Austin.

15. I have a hangup about being called grandma. Sounds too old. I am not old yet!

16. I served in Operation Iraqi Freedon. I flew on Medical Missions as an EMT.

17. Now that I am older, I appreciate my parents. I regret that I did not appreciate them enough when I was young.

18. I love football!

19. I love Ohio with the exception of Winter.

20. I have recurring dreams of being back in high school and am frantic because I do not have my class schedule.

21. I have always had a lot of guy friends.

22. My best friend in 5th grade became the popular girl in 6th grade (through high school) and that really devastated me psychologically. I had a hang up about popular girls through high school. Sad, but true!

23. I wish I would have not been so dramatic in my formative years (see #22). I would have known a lot more of my classmates. I really do regret this!

24. I wish I would have gone by my first name of Debra in school. I thought I HAD to go by what my momma wanted to call me. It started out as Susie and was shortened to Sue. Always HATED that name.

25. I sometimes cry when I am happy, sad, or mad! Good thing is that the situation or feelings at that moment have to be extreme!


The Blonde Duck said...

That's cool you ride a motercycle! Is it a harley?

Debra said...

Yes,it is! I have a 2007 black Harley Sportster and my hubby rides a 2008 Harley Street Glide.

Janna said...

Good list. I'm totally with you on #25!

Janna said...

Hey I just voted for you on Momdot!

Chef E said...

Hey mama lets get on and ride after the Steelers win, and paint the town red!!! I mentioned you in my appetizer blog for Sunday :)

Photonuts said...

Oh you do not want to know how many times I was married, three of them died, two after I divorced them, and one before...

I am not from a shy family as you know from 'the chef'...