Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jesus Must Have Had Hairy Legs

Come on, admit it. We all have random thoughts all the time. I am willing to admit mine (well, at least most of them....), so here is my throw down for the day. Post a random thought on your blog and explain why the heck it popped into your head. Or if you are lazy like me, drop me a comment and let me know. Or just comment. I love comments! You too, lurkers!

Now back to my thought today. I was in the shower this morning shaving my legs and this popped in my head. Why? Because I have some freaking hairy legs! And I was getting cleaned up for church. Not that I need shaved legs for church. My hair was so long, I could braid it and I was tired of the hairiness. Ugh, how disgusting! We were all made in the image of God so it got me to thinking that Jesus had to really be hairy!

Now your turn!


Misadventurous Mommy said...

That was too funny. I hate shaving my legs and I dread summer for that very reason...why does it have to take so damn long, be so complicated, and hurt so damn bad when we cut ourselves (I cut myself nearly every time). All that work for what a couple days of smooth legs? I'd much rather have hairy legs and wear pants!

Chef E said...

I am having a good laugh right now...I do not shave because my pale white skin is so darn being the ex-hairdresser and having access to luxuries as waxing, that is what I did for years...after a while it stops growing in many places, and I am hairy believe you me! Did you see the new 'Sex & City' where the redheads pubs pop out like an Afro, lol, well I go at least six times a year and have it all ripped off...Yes, having a 22 year old son who is hairy like me and my father...I believe Jesus was!

What a great thought of the day!

Chris O said...

My hubby is asian and has nary a hair on his legs (or the rest of him except his head) so I'm going for the Jesus had no hair and we are back to the original sin and Eve and why women suffer.

As Yenta said, "oy, we suffer, in silence we suffer" (nope not jewish but I was once married to one)

Ha ha my word verification is so this post. holiarre Holy hair with a french accent.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh geez lady you kill me as for random thoughts it's always about laundry and why boys really have more then girls. Or why is it so hard to get the food in one's mouth? I think I need to get all the boys that new bowl with the lip that catches over flow. Yup that's my life!

Debra said...

Alli - I hear you! My legs are so bad that I get five o'clock shadow! ugh!

E - girl we need to talk about waxing. Is there a secret? I tried one time but after one strip was pulled I told hubby no more! Do you have some tips for making it more bearable?

Chris - yep, I blame alot on Eve actually! I have asian shaped eyes when I smile. Why couldn't I have gotten their lack of hair?? (I know, thanks Eve!)

Lex - girl, I know as busy as you are you are choke full of random thoughts!

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

Don't you know we keep him quite entertained, with our random thoughts! =)

The Blonde Duck said...

LOL! Definately random.