Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Working With Mrs. Kravitz

Ever watch Bewitched? It has always been one of my favorite shows and wouldn’t you know I now have to work beside a real life Mrs. Kravitz! If you 20 to 30 something’s don’t know the premise of the show, let me fill you in. The show is centered on Samantha Stevens who just happens to be a witch. Samantha is married to an ad executive name Darren Stevens. Of course, no one but Darren knows that Sam is a witch. This show is absolutely hysterical! Mr. and Mrs. Kravitz are the neighbors that live across the street from the Stevens’. Mrs. Kravitz is very nosey and happens to see a lot of the shenanigans going on across the street. She always screams “Abner, Abner!” and ,of course, the times she can talk him into getting up to look whatever has happened has stopped so he thinks she is hallucinating (again). The woman is on meds, so Abner is always telling her to take them since he thinks it is all in her head. It is darn funny! It is kind of like payback for being so nosey.

Now that you have the background of the fictional Mrs. Kravitz, allow me to tell you about the real Mrs. Kravitz! Unfortunately I do not have Samantha’s powers or I would be wiggling my nose and turning Kravitz into an inanimate object! For 8 hours a day, 5 days a week I have to listen to her as she butts into every conversation I have. It does not matter if it is about work or personal, she is there with her two cents. Don’t get me wrong, I like for folks to share their opinion….. When it is appropriate! You know when it is an A and B conversation and she should C her way out of it? To make matters worse, I will be talking to a customer (we work at a computer help desk) and she will jump in and take over the entire conversation. She has no more experience than me, actually I have been doing this type of work longer than her. She will tell the customer the exact same thing as I when she is doing this! I have been on the phone with my husband and when I get off she comments about the conversation that she just heard me have! Like she was in the conversation from the beginning! She will ask our other co-workers who they were talking to when they get off the phone! We work at a Help Desk people! It is our job to be on the phone with folks all day long. Besides what business is it of hers who the co-worker was talking to? Seriously! Once I was talking to another co-worker and Kravitz was on the phone so she could not ease drop and/or butt into the conversation. As soon as she got off the phone she said, and this is a direct quote, “What, what, what?” I am not exaggerating. She asked “what?” Three times! OMG! Can it get any more obnoxious than this? Just yesterday she butted in my conversation I was having with a customer and talked so loud I could not even hear myself talk! Short of smacking her upside the head, what am I to do? It has gotten a little better lately because I have been totally ignoring her so she does not talk as much, but she still drives me insane. Maybe I should write to Dear Abby.

Thanks for letting me rant a little. Like E says, it is cheaper than therapy!
Here is a link to a page dedicated to Gladys. It is great and brought back so many wonderful memories of a delightful show!


*Note: there were two different ladies who played Mrs. Kravitz on the show. They were both absolutely perfect for the role!


Chef E said...

Did you see wanted with that hottie McAvoy? There is this woman who is his boss, and is like Kravitz...Oh I so know what you mean, do not know how you work in the 'real' world, mine is full of food I can slam with a tenderizer, or stab with the knife...no talking back to Chef E... lol, sorry I got carried away!

Alexis said...

Ok girl I'm in my 30's and LOVED that show. Thanks to Nick at Nite I use to watch all the great shows, like Bewtiched, Hazel, Mr. Ed & of course Lucy.

My mom was big into these shows and I use to love watching them with her. The only time we got along when I lived there ... LOL.

I've worked with those before and just ignoring seems to be the only way. I've tried doing it back to them and they don't seem to catch it. I've tried pulling them aside and letting them know I don't appreciate it. Nothing works I have noticed being a little bitchy back doesn't help but makes you feel better :).

Photonuts said...

Gosh, I just remember that look on her face and you knew she was going to stick her nose in your business, so I feel for you. I like working for myself!

Debra said...

Thanks for the words girls!

E! Can I borrow your tenderizer or knife...haha...totally kidding.

Lex - I cannot picture you being bitchy. Period. And you are right, they just don't recognize when you are doing it back to them. Scary.

Photonuts - lucky you! Self employed! "Lucky!" (in Napoleon Dynomite voice)