Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wordless Week

For the most part, I have been a lurker this week. I have been keeping up on reading your blogs but have not posted since Monday. I know all my "followers" that have allowed me the chance to lead them astray must be on the edge of their seats waiting for a post from me. LOL! I have had a really bad week when it comes to sleep. I have had insomnia for the majority of the night for the past four nights. By the time I get home from work, cook, and vegetate on the couch, it is time to start the nightly madness again! I tried to post on several of my favorite blogs (you all know who you are!), but I have had a hard time with blogspot this week. I would type a great comment and it would either not display the verification "words" or I would get to the end and the comment would disappear and not post! I got ticked off and gave up on commenting for the most part. I have missed "talking" to you, my blog buddies! I have a couple posts planned, so stay tuned! Lex - I know you have had a really bad week and my heart goes out to you! E - I hope you don't get yours in threes also. Allie - school in itself can be stressful especially with four kiddos! Hood Chick, Wunderwoman, Chris O, MommaYoung, Janna, and Always Home and Uncool - please know that I have been dropping in on your blogs too. I love comments, so I feel guilty that I have not returned the same thrill to you lately. Hopefully this coming week will be better!

I have a funny that my friend emailed me today. This is her contribution as my very first guest blogger! *note John is her husband who was laid off at the age of 60 and has been having a really hard time finding a job. (She is the blonde on the left in the picture.)

"I was talking with a friend last night who asked how John is doing. I let her know that he didn't get the job, our dog is very sick & may be dying, and then it hit me - we're one stolen pickup truck away from being a Toby Keith song! I actually said that & she about fell over laughing. It made me laugh too. You have to laugh at it, else you'd just fall apart."
You gotta love that attitude! I have always thought that one's friends are a reflection of one's self. If I am correct in that theory, I am not half bad!

x0x0x0x0 to you all!


Wunderwoman said...

I'm sorry her hubby is having a hard time finding a job, but the Tobey Keith comment is hilarious!!

Hope you can get some sleep tonight;)

I've had some trouble with blogger this week too.

Janna said...

Aw, thanks, bloggy pal. It's ok, I fall behind on comments too, plus I can't comment when I read blogs on my Ipod, so I hear you. I was trying to stay away from the word verification thing until I got spammed on my blog! The nerve! Anyway, thanks for the shout out, I appreciate the comments you leave, they are some of my most thoughtful ones.

Chef E said...

I really do not care if they spam me, I will and have fought back...since I know who my lame stalker is now, lol

I know even Alexis has not commented, she just emails me, I miss seeing the comments, and thought I was just not funny this week...maybe more sentimental!

Tobey Keith comment is funny! I do not own a pickup, well my son has it now, so no songs about a big blue van???

Chris O said...

Last year I went 6 months without posting, I was worn out and had nothing to give. I repented and went to blog confession.

"forgive me father for I have sinned, it has been 178 days since my last blog post."

"Well, my child, it's because you are boring as hell. If you can't do anything exciting to blog about, start making stuff up!!"

Misadventurous Mommy said...

I seem to have a severe problem not commenting people back all the time; it's partly due to the undiagnosed but I'm certain I have ADD and partly because I have too many kids screaming MOM to focus on one thing for more than five...............................LOL just kidding...minutes.

I have missed ya though. Hugs.

MommaYoung said...

I started thinking the whole country song thing when I started to read the first line.

Pray her hubby finds a job soon.

Thanks for stopping by. :o)

HoodChick said...

I've been commenting, but not posting. I know, it's bad.

Your friend has a great sense of humor, chin up!